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About Us

For 40 years since it founding, BoZo Research Center has undertaken contracts for pre-clinical research and toxicology.
We have a long track record of providing excellent customer support in both rat and mice carcinogenicity studies and are proud to be one of Japan’s leading pre-clinical CROs.
We take great care to provide our customers with a wide range of services, including tests on new animal species, alternative methods or bio-marker tests, as well as building up integrated support mechanisms to cover all stages of development from drug discovery through to pre-clinical studies.
We aim to continue our contributions to a more affluent society by serving as a bridge linking the passion of researchers with the hopes of consumers.

BoZo Research Center owns several facilities:
  • The Gotemba and Kannami Laboratories for safety testing in both large and smal animals.
  • The Tokyo Laboratory, one of Japan’s leading centers for genetic toxicity (AMES) tests
  • The Tsukuba Research Institute which offers a wide range of services from the initial stages of development (pharmacology and analytical tests) to safety studies, in various species including miniature pigs.

Together with ITR Canada, a subsidiary based in Montreal, the BoZo Group is working to create a safer society.

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